"Bridie Hooper is a very talented being. She has a rare fluidity in her movements. Her tumbling is exquisite, her aerial dance of the highest standard... But I’m actually not going to talk about the skills, cause that was a delightful feature of the show, but not what made it interesting..." 
Nadia Jade, Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane


Photo: Billie Wilson-Coffey

Ingress is an award-winning, one woman circus show merging physical theatre, circus and dance, in a virtuosic celebration of the human spirit.

Inspired by the Greek Myth of Psyche, Ingress explores the central question: if you cannot die, how do you live? Becoming a deeply personal work woven with contemporary provocations about expectations of women, self, and the psyche.


Considered from a present-day perspective and drawing on symbolism around time’s passage and how we mark it, the work turns this question of immortality back on us, asking whether acknowledging our mortality can inspire us to live more fully in spirit and heart.

An exclamatory, humorous and gutsy celebration of our living, Ingress celebrates the mortal spirit at its fullest, as a woman takes repossession of her life and death – the reimagined journey of a modern-day Psyche...

Ingress is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland and Creative Partnerships Australia through MATCH Lab.