To live with an urgency, a euphoria, that only an ending allows. 

Ingress begins its development in February with the support of the  Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

To Ingress is to go into. It is an entry, a beginning. A desire to experience, an ode to curiosity.


Ingress is a story of sacrifice, of crude anguish, of empowerment, of hope and indefatigable effort. Inspired by the myth of Psyche and Eros, Ingress disarms golden deathlessness and chooses to rewrite her myths with an urgency and euphoria that only an ending allows.


In the words of Gluck's Eurydice “I sway, I tremble, I rave”  this woman sets out to change her fate, to repossess her life and in turn her death.  Encountering her desire, her courage, Ingress invites us to arenas of delicate consciousness, through dance floors of sticky obsession and to groves of glinting, ecstatic truth.  


Ingress  is a solo show that revolts and revels, exposes and relinquishes, using circus as the vehicle to transform tradition and myth in a euphoric celebration of the mortal spirit.

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Circus Artist

Site Photographs by Billie Wilson-Coffey