To live with an urgency, a euphoria, that only an ending allows. 


An entry, a beginning. A desire to experience, an ode to curiosity.

Ingress is a woman’s indefatigable effort to untether herself from her myth and live with an urgency and euphoria that only an ending allows. Encountering her desire, her curiosity, her danger, Ingress tests and tries the limits of the psyche, each effort an ecstatic force of both the body and the spirit.   The action twists and gnarls in figures of torsions and tumbles, in hopeful ascensions on aerial straps,  succumbing at times to gravity whilst fearlessly working against it.

With astonishing physical dexterity and courage, Ingress is a glorious celebration of the mortal spirit.

 Ingress was created in collaboration with acclaimed fashion designer Gail Sorronda, dramaturge Heather Fairbarn, lighting designer Jason Glenwright and premiered in April 2021 at the Judith Wright Arts Centre in Brisbane.

Photos:  Billie Wilson-Coffey & Cecilia Martin

Ingress is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland and Creative Partnerships Australia through MATCH Lab.