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"This is a brave, committed performance which trusts superior skills, emotional truth and
careful design to illuminate one of the biggest questions in life.." 

Stage Whispers, Ruth Richter


A virtuosic summoning of the defiant human spirit..

An astonishing intersection of circus, physical theatre and movement, INGRESS is an award-winning, one woman show.

Using a stunning hybrid of skills, INGRESS is a dark and inspiriting venture into a woman's psyche as she desperately and defiantly attempts to unburden herself from the real and imagined limitations of her being, to live with an urgency and euphoria that only an ending allows..

Witness exquisite contortions and tumbles, ascensions on aerial straps, succumbing at times to gravity whilst fearlessly working against it.

Inspired by the Greek Myth of Psyche, provoking the central question: if you cannot die, how do you live? Considered from a present day perspective and drawing on symbolism around time’s passage and how we mark it, the work turns this question of immortality back on us, asking whether acknowledging our mortality can inspire us to live more fully in spirit and heart.

An exclamatory, humorous and gutsy celebration of our living, Ingress celebrates the mortal spirit at its fullest, as a woman takes repossession of her life and death – the reimagined journey of a modern-day Psyche...

2021 Matilda Award Winner for Best Circus/Physical Theatre

Melbourne Fringe Festival 2022 Winner for WA Touring Award

Melbourne Fringe Festival 2022 Nomination Best Circus Award

Melbourne Fringe Festival 2022 Nomination Spirit of Fringe Award

Concept, Director, Artist : Bridie Hooper

Outside Eye: Susie Dee

Outside Eye, Sound Design: Todd Kilby

Lighting Design: Jason Glenwright

Costume Design: Gail Sorronda

Producer: Tom Pritchard 

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