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"Hooper's aerial straps routine is frantic, astonishingly quick and impossibly dexterous. 
To watch it is destroying.

Rebekah Ellerby, A Younger Theatre 

Be Subservient To My Ambition 

Be Subservient To My Ambition is a pursuit of empowerment, embodied through a woman’s ambition to ascend.

Designed for open theatre and gallery spaces, this experimental, live art project intersects circus and sound composition to create a long-form straps performance .

A radical act of endurance navigating a woman’s quest for empowerment, freedom and escape - power becomes a perpetual negotiation. From the moment of suspension the weightless yet distorted body, the straps as both liberator and restrainer and verticality’s endless promises, are held in a fluctuating dialogue of the human desire to ascend.


Be Subservient To My Ambition proffers the body to complex binds, suspended positions and disfigured torsions in a resilient application of effort and endurance, it’s placement in gallery spaces encourages audiences to examine and approach the artist in action- offering a rare proximity to circus and a powerful perception of the tangible efforts of the body.  


Currently in development with an anticipated premiered in 2025. 


Lead Artist- Bridie Hooper

Directorial Eye- Susie Dee

Composer- Kelly Ryall

Producer- Tom Pritchard

Photographs by Jessica Connell

Be Subservient to My Ambition  is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.  We are grateful to have received additional support from Women's Circus, the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) and Circus Oz.

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