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"So beautifully sublime; the depth of pure authenticity, ridiculous skills and breathtaking honesty..." 

For Whom The Bell Tolls

A declaration of hope.

A hope is not a wish, but a protest for what is possible. 


Performed at dusk below an iconic bell, Bridie Hooper invites you to share your hopes and bear witness to a series of performed passages that inspire a reconsideration of our unity and connection.    


Drawing on the bell’s sonic wonder, the virtuosity of circus, and the intimacy of the invitation, each hope is transformed through a personalised physical rite, ascending to its release in the distinctive sound of the tolling bell. 


Ringing out across the landscape, these calls to action celebrate the power of hope, empowering us through an innately human experience.  


What do you hope for…?


Director/Artist- Bridie Hooper

Bell Concept, Design and Tuning- Anton Hasell

Dramaturg- Liesel Zink

Composer – Lawrence English

Set Design- Josh McIntosh

Lighting Design - Steven May

Artistic Mentor- Ida Sophia

Rigger - Helen Clifford 

Production Manager - Peter Rhoades

Stage Manager - Imogen Millhouse

Producer- Tom Pritchard

Music by Banquet Darling.  Performed with the support and generosity of invited guests.

A huge thank you to the generosity of our donors who have contributed to the premiere season of For Whom The Bell Tolls.  Your support is deeply appreciated. 

Sonic Resonators:

Este Darin-Cooper

Nathan Boyle

Hope Transformers:

Jacinta Hooper
Derek Hooper and Marg Cameron


Bell Tollers:

Marty Evans

Joe Taylor

Linda Nakell & Robert Dawson

Jennifer McDonald


Essential Supporters:

Angela and Reece Maxwell

Lucinda Hooper

Benjamin Knapton

Catherine Frederick

Gabrielle Taylor

Billie Wison-Coffey


For Whom the Bell Tolls is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body, the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland and is supported through the Australian Cultural Fund. It has received additional support from the wonderful ShawCandy, Brisbane Powerhouse, Circa and Flipside Circus. The premiere season was made possible thanks to the generosity of all those who donated to its fundraising campaign.

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