“Hooper’s aerial straps routine is frantic, astonishingly quick and impossibly dexterous. To watch it is destroying.” Rebekah Ellerby,  A Younger Theatre.

Circus is the medium that allows me to create, experience and express my particular and peculiar conversation with the world around me.  I love the endeavour of embodying thought, conflict and story through movement.  Circus requires a respectful relationship with fear and danger, with discipline and perseverance and throughout my career I am constantly encountering, being reminded of, or finding the balance within these elements. It’s essential to the work I make.   

I grew up performing and creating from a young age.  It was with my days at Spaghetti Circus that I discovered the strength in community, the infinity of imagination and the uniting of collaboration.  It led me to embark on a mission to become a circus artist that took me to Flying Fruit Fly Circus where I experienced my first national tour, and then overseas to Montreal National Circus School where I endured my first true winter, had my first collaboration with Montreal Symphony Orchestra and got the closest I ever will to the Winter Olympics, performing in the 2010 Vancouver Opening Ceremony. Once graduated  I worked with GOP Variété in the acclaimed show, “DUMMY” in Germany, toured Italy whilst gorging on panettone with Montreal company L’Arsenal de la Musique and then returned to Australia to join the world renowned Circa.   


With Circa I have been involved in collaborations with quartets, operas and orchestras, performed internationally in 28 countries to over 450,000 people and have been integral in the creation of 9 debut works including  Beyond, Humans, The Return, One Beautiful Thing, En Masse and Leviathan. 


My eagerness to encounter new theories and undiscovered sources of inspiration led to my selection to participate in a Gaga Dance Workshop with Batsheva Dance Company in 2018, and in 2019 I had the opportunity to be associate circus director and choreographer for the Circa and Opera Queensland collaboration, Orpheus and Eurydice.

I am now in the process of creating my first solo work, Ingress, supported by the Arts Queensland First Night Showcase Funding at the Judith Wright Centre, to be premiered in 2021. 

Circus Artist

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