Ingress beginnings with Billie Wilson-Coffey 

This photo collection is taken by the amazing Billie Wilson-Coffey. We got together after chatting about some ideas for my show Ingress and Billies own curiosities in capturing reflections.  Link here to the album.  



1.200m & Under with Cecilia Martin

In a hotel in Brantford, Ontario we had a jet lagged pool party.  Check out more of Cece's beautiful work here

"Iconic Ghost" Stephanie Franzius

Film collaboration with renowned Berlin fashion label FRANZIUS, directed by Mario Stahn and inspired by the work of Philipp Bünger

Neon Cochon 

Neon Cochon is an upcoming collaboration with Banquet Darling and encourages all things art.  Still masked in mystery, it sets out to be a space to create and share, in whatever form and format that may be.   

neon cochon.jpg

2:22 Feature Film by Paul Currie

In 2015 I had the opportunity to be involved in the film 2:22 as an aerialist, performing a romantic straps duo with my good mate Lewie West.